Flamark in action

How it works

Flamarks products, like all good things, works on very simple principles. When liquid is thrown on a burned area, it happens quick and extremely strong cooling and suffocating effect. In a very short time temperature of the surface lowers to +3 °C. Because the surface is no longer hot, it is not possible to re-ignite. Cold spreads quickly under the surface, and it becomes impossible to re-ignite objects. 

Flamark liquid solution saponificates the burning fuel and don’t aloud free radicals and gases to become airborne and bond with oxygen in air. Therefore space and objects which once have… More..

Flamark fire fighting technology

Flamark is the leading company in the research, development and manufacturing of advanced fire fighting systems and devices. All of our products are tested and certified by a large number of state and independent certifying organizations in different countries around the world. The effectiveness of Flamark’s products has been widely proven in practice. 

In Flamarks product portfolio lie products which extinguishes various classes of fire, from A to F, and which are suitable to extinguish fires on electrical equipment. Some of products are automatic extinguishers, like Mabo (passive fire protection), while others are designed for manual use (active fire protection), and for different environments and situations.

Flamarks products are environmentally friendly and production is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO OHSAS 18001 standards.

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