Flamark – one Eco-Friend company

Flamark is the leading company in the research, development and manufacturing of advanced fire fighting systems and devices. All of our products are tested and certified by a large number of state and independent certifying organizations in different countries around the world. The effectiveness of Flamark’s products has been widely proven in practice.

In Flamarks product portfolio lie products which extinguishes various classes of fire, from A to F, and which are suitable to extinguish fires on electrical equipment. Some of products are automatic extinguishers, like Mabo (passive fire protection), while others are designed for manual use (active fire protection), and for different environments and situations.

Flamarks products are environmentally friendly and production is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO OHSAS 18001 standards.

Past and present

Company founder have a long experience in fire-fighting industry, and new management had solid basis to develop modern, high technologic company, which from 2004, year after year, come with leading solutions to hot fire-fighting market. Company’s headquarter is now in Zagreb, Croatia (EU), where Flamark, in his own research laboratory, develop new products, improve efficiency of existing products and made them even more environmental friendly.

Product development

Corporate social responsibility

From a first day company acted with a highest corporate social responsibility. Production is certified according to ISO 14001, which means it is environmentally friendly, without pollution and without dangerous materials in production process.

The products themselves belong to Eco-friend category, which means full safety for soil, plants, animals and people, and have not side effects for safety or health. All products are environmentally certified and marked with Green leaf from Intertek, Germany. 

Flamark is sponsor of events important for professional and volunteer fire-fighters community and supports the adoption of new knowledge in fire-fighting.

Worldwide presence

Flamark’s advanced fire fighting systems and devices extinguish fires on all worlds continents. Worldwide distribution network is present in more than 50 countries and it is expanding every day.

Quality control