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How it works

Extremely strong cooling

Flamarks products, like all good things, works on very simple principles. When liquid is thrown on a burned area, it happens quick and extremely strong cooling and suffocating effect. In a very short time temperature of the surface lowers to +3oC. Because the surface is no longer hot, it is not possible to re-ignite. Cold spreads quickly under the surface, and it becomes impossible to re-ignite objects.

Flamark liquid solution saponificates the burning fuel and don’t aloud free radicals and gases to become airborne and bond with oxygen in air. Therefore space and objects which once have been extinguished with Flamarks products have no practical chance to burn again.

To complete a process of successfully fire extinguishing, all Flamarks products heavily eliminates smoke in area of extinguishing, so if there are any persons in the room, they can breathe without problems.

There are no any side effects or collateral damages for the persons or for the rooms.

Although the liquid in each Flamark’s product is different, and adapted to its purpose, the working principle is basically the same.

 Detailed description of the action:

1. Rapid cooling down effect – here the liquid droplets cools burning material by rapidly absorbing heat from burning material, turns to steam and evaporates.

Diagram showing the temperature cooling down effect from 900°C to 30°C inside 10 seconds of Mar 1 fire fighting liquid solution.

2. Inert steam – it bounds free burning radicals and toxic gases with Flamark Inert Steam, so if there are any persons in the area, they can breathe without problems. That way creates an operator friendly environment, which is especially important effect.

Product features


3. Adiabatic cooling process – demonstrate unique effective process which is cooling the air by evaporation of Flamark liquid solutions. Flamark liquid solutions evaporation is the process by which Flamark liquid agent is quickly converted form liquid form to its vapour form, transferring its liquid mass to the atmosphere and removing heated air away from burning materials. During Flamark liquid solutions droplets evaporations, three simultaneous processes are going on:
• Transfer of heat to the Flamark liquid droplet surface.
• Transfer of liquid mass from the Flamark droplet surface.
• Flamark droplets liquid mass with heat becomes airborne steam (effect name: Latent heat of evaporation, which we meet every day in nature: sun-rain-sun).

4. Flamark fire fighting mechanisms – activates and removes the 3 basic fire triangle elements (Heat – Oxygen – Fuel).
• Flamark liquid droplets evaporations process removes heat.
• Flamark Inert Steam creating luck of oxygen supply to fuel but in same time the oxygen is not removed for people (operators).
• Flamark liquid solution saponificate the burning fuel and do not allow free radicals and gases to become airborne and bond with oxygen in air.

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