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Flamark opens new markets in Middle East

In the beginning of February 2015 Flamark gets new orders for all products from Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Jordan. While Saudi Arabia is an old customer which successfully uses Flamark products in many years, Iraq and Jordan are whole new markets.

Delivery is planned for April 2015.


Flamark proud sponsor of fire-fighters race 512 stairs 2014

Traditionally humanitarian fire-fighters race 512 stairs 2014 took place this year on December 13th. In line with its long-term business policy, Flamark was proud sponsor of this traditional humanitarian action.

All participants in this race running up the 512 stairs of Zagrepčanka tower, in the center of Croatian capital Zagreb.

More information about race and results on this link:



Presentation in National park Plitvice, Croatia

National park Plitvice is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Europe, with very rich plant and animal wildlife. Ecological environment is very sensitive and all fire-fighting interventions can disrupt the balance. Therefore all fire-fighting agents used in this area have to be ecologically approved according to the highest environmental standards.
On September 25th 2014 Flamark Presentation Team made a very successful presentation of the whole product line for National park Plitvice fire-fighting staff and answered to many questions about products environmental properties.

It is agreed to plan purchasing of Flamark products in next year’s budget for National park Plitvice.


Flamark Middle East made presentation for Bangladesh fire-fighting stuff

Mab Bangladesh test

Flamark Middle East made presentation for Bangladesh’s state authority for fire fighting on August 26th 2014 in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh.

It was long presentation in which nearly all Flamark’s products: Mabo, Mab, Mar 1, Mar 2 and Fire Delete fire fighting spray was presented and tested.

Along with Flamark Presentation Team, many local fire fighting officials tested different Flamark’s products in action and become convinced in their efficiency.


Fire Delete presented for Croatian police

Newly developed fire fighting spray Fire Delete was introduced for Croatian police on February 28th 2014 on Croatian police polygon in Zagreb, Croatia.

In first part of presentation, Flamark Presentation Team showed how Fire Delete acts in different situations that police encountered in everyday work: how to save a person covered by flame, how to extinguish car or car tyres and how to put out fire caused by Molotov cocktail.

In other part of presentation active police officers tested Fire Delete self and could see its efficiency in real-life situations.


Fire Delete launched

New product in Flamarks distribution network, Fire Delete extinguishing spray is finally on the market. After it have been developed, tested and certified under last ten months, production began in December 2013.

Fire Delete extinguishing spray is proved successful in fire fighting against class A, B and F fires, and is especially suitable for cars, motorcycles, boats and homes (kitchen fires and other starting fires).

Respected certification company Intertek, gave the product the highest ratings, especially in environmental protection. So, the new Fire Delete product is marked with Green leaf mark.

The first shipment is intended for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but production for European markets will begin already in the first quarter of 2014.


The Netherlands opens distribution of Fire Delete spray

Fire Delete spray

Immediately after New Year another country has got Fire Delete spray on its market. It is The Netherlands in European Union, where other Flamark products were well known for a long time.

First delivery was done on January the 5th 2015 along with other Flamark’s products like Mabo for example.


Croatian National Protection and Rescue Directorate equipped with Fire Delete spray

In the end of November 2014 Croatian National Protection and Rescue Directorate equipped 12 county departments with Fire Delete spray for use in everyday activities.

DUZS (National Protection and Rescue Directorate) is Leading organization for the protection and rescue of people, assets and environment in the Republic of Croatia in events of
disasters, accidents and other needs of a modern society. Every year DUZS saves many lives in their accident interventions. They recognized Fire Delete spray as valuable tool in their everyday job, which can contribute to make even more successful rescues.


Presentation for Croatian Post

On September 16th 2014 Flamark Presentation Team made presentation of passive protection device Mabo and Fire Delete spray for fire-fighting staff of Croatian Post. They also answered to many questions about products properties, primarily about collateral damages which was first concern for a company working with money and valuable documents and goods.

It turned out that presented Flamark’s products are ideal for use in such business activities because they extinguish fire practically without any collateral damages.


Fire Delete to protect residence of Croatian President

After very successful presentation of Fire Delete fire fighting spray on Croatian police polygon in February 2014, security officers responsible for protection of Croatian President’s residency decided to protect it against fire just with this product.

Fire Delete was delivered to place in April 2014.

It is another acknowledgment of quality and efficiency of this newly developed product.


Flamark in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Flamarks CEO mr Oliver Zorić was in official visit to Flamarks exclusive regional distributor, Prince Turki Bin Sa’ad Bin Abdulaziz Bin Al Saud and its CEO Mr. Osama Amin, in headquarter in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, between 6th and 12th october 2013.

Visit was very successful, and parts agreed about new joint operations on markets in 22 different countries in region.
New developed products, like Fire Delete spray, will be delivered to regional distributor in the first quarter of 2014.


Flamauto delivered to France

New shipment of Flamarks standard product, Flamauto, automatic fire extinguisher, specially designed for protection of big electrical transformers and other devices from fire, was delivered to our French partner Akhelec, in September, in accordance with the plan.

Product is delivered for the first time in new unit packagings and in new transport boxes, which are develeoped during the second and third quarter of 2013 in cooperation with Flamarks partner Marketing Art from Stockholm.

This line of packagings is announcement for development of a new visual identity for the entire product line, which will come in the first quarter of 2014.


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