Product features

All Flamarks products have a different purpose, but all have some shared features, extremely positive. All products are:

Extremely effective in fire fighting


Quick and extremely strong cooling effect

Flame knock down in total fire extinguishing, thus prevention of any re-ignition

Heavy toxic smoke elimination effect

Excellent extinguishing performances

Extremely easy to install or use


Anyone can install and use Flamark products

Extremely friendly to the environment – water based and highly ecologic


Products are clean, non-toxic, non harmful

Rapidly and completely biodegradable

No dangerous for ozone layer (ODP)

Zero global warming (GWP)

Extremely collateral damage free


No water caused damages

Saves the most of the furniture and other things

Extremely cost effective

Ecological nature of Flamark’s products

All Flamark’s product, at their deepest nature, was ecologically designed. All components used in the production and in the products are natural and biodegradable.

Production process is certified according to ISO 14001, that means Flamark use only ecologically acceptable working procedures and materials, and don’t make any harmful pollution to the nature.

For all this reasons all Flamark’s products are completely suitable for use in the most sensitive natural environments, like Natural parks, Zoo parks, near the sources of drinking water, near the rivers, lakes and the sea.

For example, Mar 2, fire-fighting agent specially designed for extinguishing of forest fires, have pH 8,2 which is optimal natural living environment for many species of trees. If fire does not destroy a tree, nor Mar 2 will not destroy it.

Year 2014 Swedish government did great environmental research in areas which was used for fire fighting drills with foam (AFFF), and found damaged environment and polluted drinking water full of dangerous substances. This is declared as “most serious chemical accident in Swedish history”, and 3,6 million persons are exposed to this problem. In some of 65 affected municipalities, level of perfluorinated alkyl acids (PFOA) exceeds the allowed limit with 24.000%!!!

If drills were done with Mar 2, it would never be so.


metro1 metro2

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